“Little But of Sunshine, do do do”

January 5, 2019

We’ve discovered our group is good at making songs out of nothing and Michelle has the best reading voice. It’s been fun learning about each other and having unplanned but wonderful moments to hear one another’s testimonies and to read scripture together. Thursday was a down pour day that only paused and then restarted so we took advantage of the time we had. That morning we had some friends come from town to take footage of the farm and bush for Chris and Norma’s organization, Green Island Vision. We all met at the community center and the ladies headed over to Opah’s for sewing lady group. We learned how to sew and cut banners, chatted with the ladies over tea, and laughed a lot. God’s pretty cool and every day it starts to down pour as soon as we climb into the vehicles. Easy, one of the ladies, really wowed all of us when she dumped fresh green beans from her garden into our car with a huge smile while she was standing in the rain. The people here may have less physically than us, but they have so much more in their hearts. Humbled by their generosity. We all ran into the community center and were soaked for our packed lunch there. Back on the farm, the rain paused, and we went for a quick hike. Cue downpour and we gathered to read James together and pray. That night, Tyler led us in the longest study we’ve had yet. Five grand chapters of Nehemiah. Fridayyyyyy. The rain was less in the morning, so the boys walked out with gloves and shovels in hand to tend to the roads with Diamond and Benson (local staff men). Two beautiful women, Julia and Jimmie, came to the farm to teach us jewelry making. They were so patient with us while some of us struggled to learn. Lunch time came and the day took another unplanned turn. The neighbors dam busted! We had a quick lunch and rushed over to stomp the mud, pack the soil sacks, and lift rocks. The boys were burly muddy men by the end, the girls were pro rock lifters until they departed for VBS. The final day of VBS and we had an even number of women our age to children, which was fun. Both the women and kiddos were starting to be less shy and open up. Privelage, one of the ladies, was going down to collect water so we took the women and all of our ladies to collect water. Michelle and Kam put it on their heads but Julia showed us up by carrying it on her head with NO hands. Oh! I almost forgot. During VBS we noticed a gogo (grandma) chopping wood. So a few of us went to try and assist. I think it was more of an encouragement of us wanting to help rather than helpful, but it was sweet. Ask Liv and Chelle about that one. When the boys finished their hard labor for the day, they jumped in the dam and had a refreshing swim. The skies had cleared and we had a fire, worship, and then MEGABED. The crew finally got a clear night to sleep on the rocks under the stars. They woke up surrounded by monkeys but loved it. Currently it’s Saturday afternoon. Sunny, hot, and no complaints! Chris took us on a walk through the community to some cave paintings and soon we will be back over for dam rescuing! The rest of the day to come, is like most of the others, unpredictable but excitedly anticipated. Love from all.  

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